Saturday, March 10, 2007

Warmwater poppers for West Coast bass

West Coast bass bugs: Charlie Kears from Arroyo Grande, Calif. specializes in warmwater fly fishing. He was tying these colorful bugs for the fishermen mostly, he said.

His real innovation is a fly called the voodoo popper which is made of cork, not balsa like the ones pictured below. It's made from "salt & pepper" size corks you buy at a hardware store. "You can tie it right in the boat and throw it," Kears said.

He was shooting a video on tying his poppers for the FFF that afternoon.

From MattStansberry

Fly Fisherman magazine ran an article on Kears' home waters this month. The San Joaquin Delta (everybody just calls it the Delta) is supposed to have the best bass fishing in the country.

This post is part of a series of profiles of fly tyers at the Northwest Fly Tyers Expo in Albany, OR.

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