Thursday, March 22, 2007

Making fun of the Steamboat Inn, North Umpqua River Oregon

I recently stumbled onto the Web site for the Steamboat Inn on the North Umqua River and I couldn't resist making fun of its tagline "'re a stranger here but once."

It's factually correct. You'll only go there once.

Wild Bill and I stopped at the Steamboat Inn last year during the summer steelhead run. It was mid-morning and we were on our way to the fly fishing only section, more pilgrimage than fishing trip. I wanted to stop in and get some coffee, buy some flies, and listen to fish stories. But they didn't want our money.

Now mind you, Wild Bill and I were not decked out in our best old timey tweed. I left my pipe and chapeau in the car. But we didn't look like a couple of hungover bums either. Ok, maybe we did, but we looked like bums with money to spend on a fishing addiction.

We walked into the restaurant section where the "fly shop" was located. The oxygen tank and walker set were breakfasting and didn't pay us much mind. The waitresses were nice and attentive and filled our travel coffee mugs. I asked who was running the fly shop and they pointed us to the proprietor who was sitting in a corner. And this is how the conversation went:

US: Hey, hows it going? Great place here. Do you have any recommendations on what kind of flies are working now?

Steamboat Dude: I could sell you some flies, but it really doesn't matter.

US: Really? I'm interested learning more about the fly fishing for steelhead and don't know much about it.

Steamboat Dude: You could fish any of them but you won't catch anything.

US: Ummm... ok. Well what about trout? I've heard there is some great trout fishing around here.

Steamboat Dude: I know a guy who catches trout on this river, but he's not going to tell you anything.

US: Umm... ok, thanks?

Steamboat: Eat shit and never come back (unspoken).


Brian said...

It could have been worse, you know. For example, you could've been dragged into an hour long conversation with a fly shop guy who didn't really say anything useful. Then your buddy could have ditched you to "get some cash" for twenty minutes while you got stuck looking at pictures of cats, fish and worms.

Just saying.

Shane said...

It's usually this way when they combine a fly shop with a resturant.
Too bad Frank Moore doesn't run the place anymore.

matt_stansberry said...

Whoa Brian, whoa... If you'd have had found an out first, you would have taken it.

Shane: I really liked your post on the previous owner.

Anonymous said...

That steamboat guy was a douche, but you kinda sound like one too.

Anonymous said...

it could've been worse, tell them your a logger next time. Definitely the stereotypical "wine/cheese" crowd