Monday, March 12, 2007

Three Oregon fly patterns in three steps

Jim Finley of Lebanon, Oregon took time to show me three of his favorite Oregon fly fishing patterns -- in about five minutes. Each of these patterns is quick, elegant and fishy.

From MattStansberry

The leech, tied with dubbed Angora goat hair, is three steps. Bead; marabou tail (w/ a little flash); and brushed out dubbing. According to Finley, who has been tying flies for 20 years, there aren't many lakes this fly doesn't work on. He typically fishes the coastal lakes around Florence, OR.

From MattStansberry

The next fly he whipped up was a Blue Wing Olive emerger. It consisted of green dubbing, CDC wing and an Antron shuck.

From MattStansberry

The last fly was what Finley called a Lazer Scud. It's a crystal orange fly on a size 18 hook, dubbed w/ ice and it's back is a strip of flashabou. Finley fishes it off a dropper. He said it does well on whitefish, rainbows and even the bull trout on the Metolius River.

This post is part of a series of profiles of fly tyers at the Northwest Fly Tyers Expo in Albany, OR.

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