Friday, March 09, 2007

Puget Sound surf flies -- Coastal Cutthroat patterns

This is the second in a series of fly tying photos from the Northwest Fly Tyers Expo in Albany, Oregon.

From MattStansberry

Roger Swengel was tying flies for coastal sea-run cutthroat trout in Puget Sound. Seems like fishing for these coastal bruisers is getting more popular. I think this book, Fly-Fishing for Coastal Cutthroat Trout was on every shop's table.

From MattStansberry

This is Roger's online bio: Roger has been tying flies and fly fishing for about 45 years in Washington and Oregon. He has taught fly tying classes at local fly shops for approximately 20 years and has tied at the Oregon Fly Tying Expo for the past 10 years. While living in the Puget Sound Area, he has been fishing the salt water for sea run cutthroats and salmon. Therefore, his tying now is more for the local salt water fishing.

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