Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Super-burly articulated streamer from Idaho tyer

Gregory Lowry from Boise, Idaho was showing fishermen how to tie some articulated streamers with two hooks. The pattern he was showing was called Dan's Streamer, named after his 12-year old fly-tying protege, Danielle Lowry.

From MattStansberry

Dan's Streamer is an extremely burly pattern. Gregory tied the tail first, a big marabou plume, then wraps the marabou around the shank of the hook to form the body. Add a little flash, and then you attach it to the next hook. He uses 20lb mono to attach the hooks together with a bead in between. The front hook is dressed in much the same way as the tail, but it has a big wool head. The pattern looks a lot like a sculpin, but Gregory has better sucess fishing it unweighted.

His home waters are the South Fork of the Boise River and South Fork of the Snake River. He fishes it in non-traditional streamer water, back eddies with slow currents. He will cast it into the slow pool and twitch it back slowly.

From MattStansberry

The other fly Gregory showed was called a Slumpbuster. It's a big puff of pine squirrel fur -- seriously 99% of this fly is squirrel. Gregory actually wraps (palmers) the pine squirrel strips backwards on the hook to give it more action. He said pine squirrel strips are pretty expensive, so he reccomended Bass Pro Shops' Zonked Pine Squirrell.

Here are some similar patterns:
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    This post is part of a series of profiles of fly tyers at the Northwest Fly Tyers Expo in Albany, OR.
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