Thursday, March 08, 2007

McKenzie River trail in Februrary

A couple weeks back, KP and I hiked the McKenzie River trail, upstream from Belknap Springs. It was really gorgeous trip and it got me thinking about where we live and winters here in the Pacific Northwest.

It seems like we spend a lot of days walking through unbelievably verdant green rainforests; green exploding from everywhere-- moss and old mans beard handing from every possible surface. The water is turquoise, glowing, the filtered light coming through the trees. And it’s every weekend -- in February. I just hope we don’t get jaded or used to this.

I had this idea in my head when I moved here, that I’d spend 3 seasons Oregon, and spend the winter somewhere else. But I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

This MP3 is the sound of the McKenzie River rushing by. After reocording this we heard this thumping noise. It was giant boulders rolling down the river, shaking the ground we were walking on.

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wyldthang said...

Hi! I love winter in Oregon, very lonesome, nobody's out cuz it's raining(it don't rain near as much as Seattle, sort of, at least it seems to me). A few years ago there was an article in the Oregonian about Oprah visiting Portland, she came in the winter, and her first comment off the plane was "oh my God, it's so GREEN here!" I don't think she went hiking, however. Pity. ;0)