Friday, March 02, 2007

Oregon Hunters Association reels in ATV abuse

Today I was paging through my March/April issue of Oregon Hunter magazine, the official publication of the Oregon Hunters Association, and I was astounded by the editor's note on the first page. Editor Duane Dungannon tackled an issue near and dear to my heart: Four-wheeling bubbas tearing up wild lands.

From Dungannon's article: The last thing these animals need is to have a dirty-minded Bubba roaring through their habitat, displacing them from their domain and turning their foraging areas into an arena suitable only for mud wrestling. The damage to delicate riparian areas not only destroys flora and displaces fauna, but also results in erosion that destroys stream habitat. Access for those who merely want to enjoy hunting or hiking is also compromised when these clowns turn a two-track into quicksand in a few minutes of muddy mayhem.

In addition to the article, OHA placed a full page ad on the opposite page, offering info on how to turn in these idiots endangering Oregon Wildlife on the TIP hotline (800) 452-7888.

This article makes me proud to be a member of OHA and I will absolutely start showing more support for this group.

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