Friday, February 09, 2007

Trout politics: Hard hitting research from Teh Wind Knot

Most of us outdoors bloggers are limited to posting pictures, stories about our weekends, pointing to other peoples' links. But some bloggers out there are publishing actual research. Specifically, two posts on Teh Wind Knot caught my attention this week.

First, if you've been following the public flogging that river-grubbing Spring Ridge Club has been taking the past month, you might be interested to know what kind of people are included in its members ranks. Through some creative search engine tactics, TWK managed to pull together a list that has since been removed from the site.

From TWK: You never know; you might want to switch cardiologists or move your 401(k) to a firm that does not try to steal trout waters from you.

The slimebags at the Spring Ridge Club are a pretty easy target. But what about my beloved Trout Unlimited? I pretty much give that group carte blanche. TWK pulled from his finance know-how to analyze how TU is spending my money and he was less than impressed.

TWK: I can't convince anyone that TU is an efficient organization, since with the most favorable look, only about 20% of annual revenues are spent on fish stuff. It is pretty clear that TU could do more in grassroots habitat work if they cut down on the glossy magazines, direct mail and boondoggles for staffers.

Serious work.

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