Monday, February 05, 2007

Cape Lookout campground

I like telling people that KP and I were camping last weekend. Makes us sound hardcore. But we were staying in a yurt. Which is actually an acronym for Year-round ...Uhhh Recrational Tent. For a more thorough discussion of yurt-ness, see a previous post on Valley of the Rogue State Park and its lovely yurts.

We pulled into the Cape Lookout State Park campground around 3:00 pm. The camp host, an older guy in a green hat with an Oregon State Parks Volunteer patch attached to it, wasn’t happy about letting us in our yurt an hour early. He told us not to try to pull that kind of crap in the summer because it wouldn’t work.

He also stearnly warned us about the no dogs policy (Where the hell would I be hiding a dog in my Honda Civic?). Nonetheless he was doing his job. You have to stay on top of people. These campgrounds are mobbed by unruly senior citizens all summer -- give em an inch and they'll take a mile.
From MattStansberry

I thought the Cape Lookout campground was a lot prettier, wilder and more secluded than the Valley of the Rogue, which seemed like a golf course taken over by an RV-jamboree. This campsite was more wooded, less crowded and close to the action.
From MattStansberry

We made the run down to the beach, a short walk from the camping area, and found sand dollars and jellyfish. When we got back we could still hear the surf inside the yurt while we were muching on yuppie food: Trader Joe trail mix, green tea, Cheez-its.

After dark we headed toward Netarts and had dinner at The Schooner, a great little place with hand-tossed brick oven pizzas and homegrown oysters. No Web site for The Schooner, but you can reach them at (503) 815-9900.

The camp site is in a good location to check out the Three Capes scenic area: Cape Meares, Cape Lookout and Cape Kiwanda.


digiphile said...

Sounds sweet, Matt. Way jealous. It's subzero here with the windchill, without any snow to be found to at least make the best of the frigid bite.

It's almost time to go ice-fishing.

I like yurts, too. Good effort on the acronym. Yank Urban Responses Totally? I prefer yours.

Cheezits, BTW, are decidedly not yuppiefood. Sorry to quibble, but anything with transfats is decidedly off the table these days. Just ask New Yorkers.

Homegrown oysters, however.... I can't wait for the season to open up in Wellfleet.

wyldthang said...

HI! back again, just recogized the dragon log behind your friend's right shoulder(see its head?) we camped in that spot and the kids had fun riding the dragon. Celeste

Joe Yosemite said...

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