Sunday, February 11, 2007

Digital camera advice?

KP and I hiked Goodman Creek today when the clouds broke and we nearly stepped about 100 Oregon Rough-skinned newts. Here is a picture of one that I took last time I was there:

From MattStansberry

I would have taken a few pics today, but my digital camera is still drying out thanks to my dump in Indian Creek last week.

Speaking of cameras -- I am appealing to the peanut gallery for digital camera advice. I'm literally sitting on about $1000 in broken mid-range digital camera equipment. I have 2 Olympus cameras, one that has a broken cover that slides over the screen)and another that the auto-focus crapped out on. I probably don't have the warranties -- I'm not a paperwork guy. Are these things worth sending back to Olympus for a repair?


Teh Wind Knot said...

Send it to Orvis, they might replace it for you.

I have a similar problem. I would love to get a really high end digital for fishing pics but don't want to trash it or carry all those funny waterproof things. My most reliable fishing camera is an Olympus film that is supposed to be somewhat water resistant and has taken much abuse. It is on its last legs. My favorite fishing camera is one that I bought at Wally World over ten years ago. I was going to buy a disposable but they had this one on sale with four rolls of film for less than a disposable. It still lives in the bottom of the gear bag and takes pretty good snaps, even though it has been completely dunked many times over the years. Go figure.

matt_stansberry said...

I was actually pricing a digital SLR yesterday. They're about $1000. And of course, in order to publish anything in a glossy fly fishing magazine, you need to have one: 10.2 megapixels, digital SLR -- it says it right in the damn photo guidelines. But I've already trashed three cameras. I told the guy at the shop my problem and he said there is a company Lowepro, that makes a waterproof backpack for camera gear, that also works as an unofficial floatation device. Or I could put the spikes in the bottom of my boots and stop falling down.

Joseph A. said...

If you are unable to return your gear to Olympus, I would suggest either a Canon, Fuji or LUMIX digital camera. Since you are an angler, my suggestion would be to avoid D-SLR units, as they are cumbersome and sensitive to climatic conditions. I would go for a "Pro-sumer" model like the Canon G7, LUMIX DMC FZ-50 or the Fuji s6000fd. All will take professional grade photos, and have great 'point and shoot' as well as microadjustable settings.

Good Luck,