Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oregon spring bear tag

I drew a tag for the Southwestern unit, Oregon spring bear hunt. Well, pretty much everybody that applied for one drew one. I guess not that many people want to hunt black bears in Oregon. I do.

I'll admit, I don't know the first thing about bear hunting. But I know I want to do it. A man has a right to chase his own bear -- whether or not I get one is a different story. I know I would use the hide, eat the meat, and the experience would change my life.

I bought a bunch of different brands of 7mm ammo, 175 grain. I'll be sighting in over the next few weeks.

Here is a line I love from the regulations: "Applying a scent or attractant to ones body or clothing while worn, is not baiting." If that's not a ballsy bear hunting strategy, I don't know what is. Just rub bacon all over yourself and wait.


The Mad Fishicist said...

be careful matt. black bear hunting is an addiction. pretty much the only cure is a spring steelhead run, and even that is only temporary.

when's the season?

let me know if you need advice, moral support, or a therapist.

Anonymous said...

no such thing as a spring steelhead run