Thursday, February 15, 2007

Backpacker Gear Guide 2007

After reading the annual Backpacker Gear Guide 2007, I came up with a wish-list of stuff I want. I already had boots and a backpack that I was pretty happy with, so those categories weren’t very interesting. KP and I decided (ok, I decided) to get a “Sew your own” Ray Jardine quilt kit instead of a sleeping bag, so that category is out too.

I was interested in tents, since my Eureka Apex doesn’t vent and is really bulky. I see the Marmot Aeolos 2P won best all-around. But it’s $325 and weighs more than the tent I’ve already got. Then up on the top of the page there is a “Reader Approved” Eureka Pinnacle Pass 2XTA -- which looks more ventilated than my current tent, it’s a pound lighter, and it’s only $150. But at the same time it’s another low-end Eureka tent.

While this is a quandary, the good news is that I’ve been researching tarp camping more, and that might be the way to go in summer. Or make the most of my old tent, opening the doors and draping a mesh over the top. Luckily Backpacker gave me a tip for packing my bulky old tent: Stuff the tent, rainfly, polls and stakes into different stuff sacs.

Other stuff I’m interested in: Outdoor Research ExPed MultiMat.

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