Monday, February 26, 2007

Oregon Wildlife frolics in Columbia Gorge

Driving back from Eastern Washington today, we came over on 84 West, through the Columbia River Gorge. As we were driving, I spotted my first herd of Oregon bighorn sheep, halfway up a cliff just a few miles east of the mouth of the John Day River. Here are some Oregon Bighorn Sheep Links:

  • Bighorn sheep in Hell's Canyon
  • Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
  • Oregon Bighorn Sheep statistics

    Speaking of bighorns: If you're looking for an amazing, lyrical book about wildlife management, wild animals and our relationship to the wilderness, I highly reccomend Ellen Meloy's Eating Stone.

    After that, KP and I stopped by Multnomah Falls and took the obligatory shot you see below:

    From MattStansberry

    Then on the way out of Multnomah Falls we saw a bald eagle, right on the side of 84. Maybe Steven Jr?

    wyldthang said...

    Hi! Looks like a fun trip, and I'll look for that book, too. Did you know there is a boat-in campground a ways in on the John Day? And there appears to be a nicely nasty two-track into the campground along the river from parts unknown. I suspect it probably could be a big party place, but on the winter sides of Memorial and Labor Days it looks like it could be real nice.

    Brian said...

    Those pics are sweet. Kind of curious about the goats, though. I mean, it could be worse -- there could be eyeliner involved.