Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Channeling Edward Abbey

I'm sitting in the Eugene Airport right now, getting ready to head down to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a week. I've got meetings most days, but they're half days so I'm hoping to get some good hiking and fly fishing in.

Hopefully I'll have my Edward Abbey experience while I'm there.

I recently read Desert Solitaire, and it left me a little depressed. Abbey is the voice of the zealot, a doomsday preacher. Ed Abbey rattles me. 40 years ago it was already ruined. What now? Do I spend the rest of my life railing against a cancer of "progress" or do I opt out, live in some far flung corner of the pacific Northwest, the last limb to succumb.

But I'm reading Cradle to Cradle now, and that is the most optimistic book I've ever read. Buy this book.


Hayduke said...

If you want some real Abbey, read Good News or Fire on the Mountain. That'll grow you some hair.


Brian said...

You could always go Monkey Wrench Gang. So what if that didn't work out too well? It sounded like a lot of fun. What we need now is a crazy old rich man to finance our operation...

wyldthang said...

I love Ed. He's non-PC, and utterly un-pigeon-holeable. And he's right!!!