Monday, April 16, 2007

Stop credit card offers from wasting paper

As I was cleaning my office today, I emptied my shredder and started thinking about all the literally TONS of paper I throw away thanks to credit card companies sending me pre-approved offers every day. Think of the paper, ink, gas used to deliver this garbage... let alone the annoyance of having to deal with it. So I just googled my way out of the problem and came up with, a site that got the thumbs up from both Lifehacker and the NY Times. OptOutPreScreen is a service provided by the consumer credit reporting companies to allow you to get off the mailing lists of hundreds of banks sending offers in the mail. It takes 2 minutes to avoid this flood of crap for five years. I can't believe more people don't do this.

Funny sidenote: I looked at Lifehacker first -- before the NY Times article. Says something about the power/influence of blogs.

Sort of related: Thanks for the comment! The Green-e program director commented on my post about EWEB going green. I've seen this kind of interaction on the bigger, techie blogs but not in the "fish scales and snails" corner of the Web that OOJ calls home.

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