Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oregon outdoor links

I got a new laptop today (Thanks TT!) so I'll be sending my old cranky lappy to the big refurbisher in the sky. I had a bunch of links in my Favorites list that I wasn't really doing anything with, so I'm going to post them here before I lose them.

First, Al Campbell's Advanced Fly Tying online fly tying lessons have helped me waste several hours whipping up Bitch Creek-style weaved chenille stonefly patterns that look really cool. I've been using neon colors to cook up something I'm calling the "Crazy Bitch". My guess is that it'll never see a day on the river.

Also, a couple local Oregon photographers have caught my eye: M.G. Halle and Chuck Griffin. Halle has a blog about the photos he shoots. Griffin's site is more gallery and storefront. He has a bunch of photos up at the Wild Goat cafe in Eugene.

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Michael G. said...

Thanks for the mention. We should go fishing sometime.