Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oregon State Senate moves to ban canned hunts

According to the Associated Press, the Oregon State Senate voted 22-5 to ban "canned hunting" in Oregon. It would outlaw the hunting of such animals as Ibex goats and Russian boars on closed game reserves.

I'm not opposed to "canned" huting from an animal rights perspective. And I'm not really bent out of shape about it for the "sporting" reason either. I am opposed to canned hunts and exotic ranching in general on the grounds that the animals can escape and impact wild animals -- spreading disease, out-competing native species.

Quote from ODFW: If you have species that are classified as livestock that can escape and manage to establish themselves in the wild, yes, it can pose a definite threat to native wildlife and habitats.

Ron Anglin, head of the Fish and Wildlife Department's Wildlife Division.

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