Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Storming Mount Pisgah

After spending the past 10 days on the East Coast, I finally got back to Oregon today and hit the city of Eugene's personal stairmaster, Mt. Pisgah. The trail starts at the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum and climbs 1.5 miles to the 1500ft summit (about 1,000 ft elevation gain).

The snowcapped Cascades were shining to the northeast from the summit -- almost as good a view as I got flying in the tiny prop plane from PDX to Eugene this morning.

From MattStansberry

From MattStansberry


Xander said...

That's an incredible view, Matt. I worked a twelve hour day inside, sadly, so no hikes for me.

The Mad Fishicist said...

Hey Matt-
Thanks for checking in at TMF. I grew up in Hillsboro and spent most of my time in the coast mountains along Hwy. 26. I used to be able to leave the house in hiking boots and a sweater in February and hike all day. I don't think I ever owned a rain jacket. Looks like you didn't need one either.

Thanks for the reminder.