Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oregon feature photo: Mount McLoughlin

Mount McGloughlin, Oregon, originally uploaded by Steve Byland.

Today's Oregon feature photo comes from Steve Byland, who said: On a recent trip through southern Oregon, I glanced out of the car window and saw this sight. I pulled over and took a few photos - amazed that other people in passing cars barely gave this mountain a second look. I had to get out a map to even find it's name.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Mount McLoughlin (aka Mount Pit or Pitt) rises 1,200 meters as a steep-sided, dominantly basaltic andesite lava cone. Mount McLoughlin is a young volcano, according to experts.

You can check out Mt. McLoughlin yourself on the 5.5 mile long trail to the summit (11 miles round trip) through the Winema National Forest.


Xander said...

Nice shot, Matt. What are you taking pictures with these days? I don't think I ever looked at your camera. Did you mention it was a Coolpix?

matt_stansberry said...

Ha, not my photo! This one belongs to Steve Byland. It's part of my new love affair w/ Flickr, digging up Oregon photos that I like to post on the blog. But the problem is that they don't display right. It's probably a Yahoo vs. Google thing. I think I need a hand if you've got any advice.

We can talk cameras too at some point. I'm buying an SLR in the next month or so if I can save up.

matt_stansberry said...

matt_stansberry said...
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digiphile said...

If I could afford an digital SLR (D80, anyone?) I'd have one. I still have a Nikon F100 from the antedeluvian film days that takes great pictures that have to be "developed" and "printed" to appreciate. Most days, the old CoolPix doesn't cut it.

The best photo workaround I've found is to simply save the file locally and then upload to Blogger with proper attribution with a link. With the amount of storage running around on my machines lately, it's not a big deal to retain the old copy.