Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lightweight Backpacking and Camping book review

I finished reading Lightweight Backpacking and Camping this week and it was definitely worth the price ($25). I wrote about some of the things I learned in a recent post and this is a follow up to include more of the points I took away from the book.

Key things I learned:
  • Waterproof lining inside of your pack (a trash bag for example) works better than trying to keep your whole pack dry.
  • Closed cell foam pads are warmer than air mattresses. Use both (air for comfort) and keep them under you by either lashing them together with straps (for couples) or buying a sleeping bag with a pocket to keep pads underneath you.
  • Tarps are lightweight and open (good ventilation and great views); but they look like a real pain in the ass (my opinion, not theirs).
  • Vitamin C tabs or electrolyte additives are a good idea, especially if you're treating your water with chemicals.
  • Purell doubles as hygeine and emergency fire starter.
  • Passive cooking allows you to boil water and not have to simmer a dish on the stove. This means you can boil water for macaroni or something, put it in a flat-bottom ziploc and avoid dirtying your cook pot. You're looking for items with cook times of less than eight minutes.
  • Pre-planning should include giving someone detailed trip plans, packing notes on evacuation options and packing A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine.
  • Pack fiber foods, Imodium and disposal blue shop towels. The runs will hurt you pretty bad out in the bush.

    Like I said, great book, one of the most helpful I've ever read on any topic. I highlighted a ton of info and I'll likely become a member of their Web community ($25).
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