Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fishing bloggers taking action

Fishing bloggers are taking action on issues that impact our sport. I've been going out and reading a lot of outdoors blogs lately, and I've been really impressed. One of the bloggers I'm reading hits close to home, Greg Lum from Rotten spawn sacs, tattered flies and leaky waders wrote about a private club owner that is moving in on Ohio steelhead streams, trying to lease the crown jewels of the Great Lakes run. I lived 25 years of my life in Ohio and I'm glad somebody like Greg is watching over the home range. Plus, I love fishing Midwest steelhead with my dad and brother when I'm back east, see below:
From MattStansberry

Then there is the Trout Underground, who wrote one of the most persuasive posts to take action to save trout I've ever read. This guy should be working for Trout Unlimited.

From the Trout Underground:

As if surviving another work week wasn’t accomplishment enough for a Friday, it turns out we need to stop a Canadian mining company from building an open pit coal mine. Seems they want to build it smack dab atop the headwaters of the Flathead River in British Columbia.

I myself think that you simply haven’t truly enjoyed a quality outdoor experience until you’ve seen a couple dozen trout go belly up from toxins while taking in gorgeous scenery like mountains with their tops removed.

If it’s one thing the Trout Underground stands for, it’s Trout Protection. We worship trout. We got their backs.

Here’s the part where you walk the walk: invest 18 seconds (I timed myself, honest) convincing the British Columbia government to reject the Cline coal mine and protect the trout fishery of the Flathead River. Eighteen Seconds. That’s all it takes. Eighteen (I timed myself). Do it. Now. Right now. Now. And then let us know you did.

Well, what are you waiting for? Fill out a letter.

Lastly, special thanks to Fishing Jones for the link today. I've been blogging in various forms since '03, but I always existed in a vacuum. What I'm finding now is a real community. It makes me feel like I might not be crazy.


Joseph A. said...

When I first started, I felt as though I were talking to myself, but that is strangely not the case.



Pete said...

It's great how many fishing blogs have popped up and how many diverse and passionate voices there are. Of course, reading them makes it harder to get real work done.

john montana said...

good stuff here matt...just had the chance to check it out. if you get up around Portland this spring drop me a line, i'll show you what all this fuss about carp is really like!