Wednesday, December 05, 2007

RIP: Klootchy Creek Giant -- Oregon Sitka blows down

My pal BP has a great post about the giant Oregon Sitka Spruce that blew down in the storms last weekend:

This is one of the oldest living things in Oregon, and one of the biggest trees in the state as well. The tree was coming to the end of its natural life cycle, and showed signs of wear long before this storm finally snapped its trunk.

Here are a couple of other great blog posts about The Klootchy Creek Giant:

Travels With A Muse got to spend some time with the tree last month and took some photos before it fell. And The Grumpy Forester has an amazing retrospective on the Klootchy Creek Giant.


Bpaul said...

Dude, I need to do better writing on these "little posts" I do, the quick one off things, never know when they'll get picked up.

Glad you liked it.

OregonWild said...

Sounds like this old giant was ready to give up the ghost.

I remember taking my wife and daughter to visit a couple of years ago. Sadly trash was strewn about and the whole area looked run down.

The scale of time that it survived in this location is hard to imagine. I wonder what the landscape was like when it was first emerging as a tiny seedling...