Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Call for hunters to drop the NRA

If you're a hunter and you support the NRA, it might pay to read this great article from the Washington Post. From the article:

If the threat to honest citizens' right to own firearms ever dipped below the radar, so too would the association's political might. That's why the NRA leadership will never tolerate the give-and-take that makes up real problem-solving. It would be bad for business.

Former NRA lobbyist Richard Feldman takes on his old organization for corruption and overplaying the specter of gun-control to rile up its base and bilk $35 from hardworking hunters trying to protect their sport. But it's pretty clear after the Jim Zumbo fiasco that the black-rifle base that the NRA caters to doesn't have anything to do with hunting and actually looks at us as "Fudds". So maybe its time to cancel those memberships.


Bpaul said...

Never thought I'd read those words together, hunter and drop the NRA.

What a trip.

Interesting stuff to think about.

matt_stansberry said...

I'm not enough of a gun guy to know when the split happened -- probably in the 80s... but if you look at how the assault rifle crowd jumped on Jim Zumbo for suggesting that machine guns don't have a place in hunting (which a majority of hunters agree with), you'll see that those people really don't care about hunting. The NRA has to appeal to the most extreme elements of its base -- which is not your average guy with a 12g and a deer rifle.