Thursday, December 20, 2007

Looters boost fossils from John Day Monument

Seattle-PI says looters are stealing fossils from the John Day Fossil Beds. From the article:

In the fossil beds, there are places where scientists have taken pictures of fossils on the ground and come back later to find them gone, said Ted Fremd, chief paleontologist at the monument. And there are other places where people have dug pits or tried to remove bones but did a messy job of it, he said.

John Day Fossil Beds Clarno Unit

We saw traces of similar activity at the Clarno unit on our Central Oregon Roadtrip earlier this fall.

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Bpaul said...

Some things make me want to sit around with a night scope and a high powered rifle, I swear.

Like the spray painted handprint not 15' from the She Who Watches petroglyph/pictograph up the river.


And folks who take old growth saguaro cacti from the national parks to plant in their trophy gardens.