Friday, November 23, 2007

Tidal extremes on the Oregon Coast this weekend

Several news outlets report that the Oregon Coast will have extremely high and low tides this weeekend. Coupled with great weather and calm seas, it should be an excellent time to go beach combing. But watch out for sneaker waves, which can be more deadly during these extreme tidal conditions. Also be on the lookout for giant floating logs that were lifted in the high tide. Nature is going to be rearranging the beach furniture.


Bpaul said...


My beloved clams and mussels and seaweed, unpicked, unculled, unforsaken!

No way I could get to the coast without significantly affecting my GPA this close to finals.

Someone, please go get wild food, it's the perfect time of year for shore edibles.

matt_stansberry said...

See, I'd go but I have a questionable grasp on what's available/edible. Get off finals and I'll make a foraging trip with you.

Bpaul said...

It's a date.

ps: Mussels are good if there is no Red Tide -- in the winter it's rare to have a red tide, but I always call just in case. Red Tide hotline is 1 800 448 2474.

Lo and behold, I just called and there is a red tide warning still in effect for Mussels but not for clams. So much for the easy pickings, you'll have to wait and we'll go later on.

Joe Yosemite said...

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