Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DeFazio seeks predator poison ban

According to the AP, Oregon Rep Peter Defazio is petitioning the EPA to ban the use of two dangerous chemicals sodium cyanide and sodium fluoroacetate, commonly known as Compound 1080, on federal lands. The poisons are used to kill predators in the West, but DeFazio says they also end up killing endangered species and injuring humans.


OregonWild said...

I have to admit - I didn't know these poisons were still being used. It would seem difficult to design a bait system that wouldn't end up poisoning many other non-target species.

Imagine if California Condors are ever re-introduced into Oregon...

Bpaul said...

Hey Matt,

You have big time wildlife photographers reading the site, you're famous man!

(sucks about the continued baiting btw)