Monday, November 05, 2007

Make the pledge to Switch For Salmon

Trout Unlimited is rolling out a new pledge for salmonid conservationists in the Pacific Northwest. TU wants customers who buy the power produced by the Northwest's dams send a strong message that we're willing to use less of it. "Perhaps then the dam operators will hear us, and decide they too, can change for fish."

Sign the pledge today and you can save on your energy bill and send a message to the hydrosystem folks. Here are the changes you would have to make:

Switch out just three-quarters of my light bulbs to compact fluorescents: save 5%
Switch to running only full loads in the dryer: save 2%
Switch off lights when not in use: save 3%
Switch to air drying half my washed clothing: save 3%
Switch to running only full loads in the dishwasher: save 1%

1 comment:

Bpaul said...

Done and done.

(in an only tangentially connected line of thought...)

Need a good clothes line? Or hand-crank food mill, or kerosene lantern for that matter -- try Lehman's non-electric catalog.

freaking awesome. Love those folks.