Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Oregon Old growth park pops up on the Coast Range

From the Register-Guard last week: Fergus McLean isn’t bothering with whatever bureaucratic process it takes to create a public park. He’s just gone ahead and declared one in an expansive stand of huge old trees on federal land in the Coast Range.

Stop the WOPR folks, before it's too late. Contact your local reps and tell them to stop the clearcutting of Oregon Old Growth Forests:
  • Governor Ted Kulongoski
  • U.S. Senator Ron Wyden
  • U.S. Senator Gordon Smith
  • Representative Peter DeFazio

    Also, send a letter to the BLM through The Cascadia Widlands Project’s action site.
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    mstea said...

    Thank you for the work/play that you do. I just found your blog through other OR blogs and I'm going to pass it on.