Thursday, January 31, 2008

Help ban elk ranching in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is considering changes to its elk ranching policy in our state. I am a hunter in Oregon and I am against elk ranching. The ranches threaten the health and integrity of our wild elk and deer, and hunters pay almost all the costs of regulating the elk ranches!

It would be best if ODFW would ban elk ranching altogether, but falling short of that, the commission should consider the following safeguards:

  • Retire elk ranching permits as the permit holders quit or go out of business.
  • Ban the practice of selling “shooter” bulls to out of state canned hunting operations.
  • Require that the elk ranchers provide double fencing to reduce the risks of escape and disease transmission.
  • Require that elk ranches carry appropriate bonding and insurance to cover the cost of escapes and disease eradication.

    ODFW is accepting comments on this issue through Feb 8. Send an email to to have your voice heard on this issue.
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