Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hunting Eugene, Oregon; Register Guard Outsider blogs on TU

Hunting season isn't shaping up quite the way I'd hoped. So far all I've killed are some doves, a goose I couldn't find and that's about it. But I've landed a gig writing about it at the Springfield News [Now closed!!!]. I wrote my first column on not shooting any pheasants.

So far no deer, but I'm getting closer to bagging one. I've found a place with good sign over by the Smith river drainage with Al Avey. I'm headed out there tonight to try to take care of the ton of grouse I was seeing last time I was out there.

Here are some pics:
From MattStansberry

From MattStansberry

From MattStansberry

From MattStansberry

Also, Raz wrote about me and the TU 678 Crew for his Register-Guard Outsider Blog last week. He could have buried me for being an out of shape turd, but instead I come off pretty cool. That is, if you think catching fish is really cool.

Bill and I are tying flies, pretty much just winging it and hoping they work. We're planning to take a class on how to tie salmon flies next Friday.

Bugs are all over the river right now, but that hasn't seemed to matter to the fish for whatever reason. Golden stones and gigantic October caddis are coming off, big as golf balls, but it's not translating into topwater action.

I'm headed to the Rogue River tomorrow, down by Grants Pass. Should have some good stuff from that. We're staying in a YURT!

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