Monday, October 22, 2007

Bubbas: Pick up your trash or we lose timber land hunting access and shoot each other in the face

Shane Ullrich at the Sweet Home News says he’s seen the garbage and vandalism on the timber lands that cause these companies to lock down access to hunting. Ullrich says the game animals flee public lands for the protected private land, which is bad enough, but he also notes that it bottlenecks hunters onto public lands and there is more opportunity for a nasty accident. “A lot of lead will be coming and going,” Ullrich writes.

I have to ask, because I hunt some timber lands near the Smith River drainage, why the hell would you haul an entire range and stove out into the woods to shoot holes in it? Beer cans, sure -- you’re a piece of shit, but I get it: Drink beer, throw it in the dirt and shoot the gun. But the oven? Why? Why?

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Anonymous said...

As far as the trash issue goes i have no respect for those who finish cans of beer and candy bar wrappers and give it a quick toss out the window, but what drives me up a wall is people who post comments about people being pieces of crap when dealing with hunting issues and having been charged with taking deer illegally past the hours themselves! You may as the question why people bring trash out in the woods but why do people poach Mr. Ulrich?